Electronic Super Joy


Electronic Super Joy

Q: Who is you?
A: Michael Todd Games is a small canadian indie games company.

Q: Right, but who's the core team?
Michael Todd designs games, codes & builds levels,
EnV is a musician with mad sick beats, who does all the ESJ music.
Cassie Chui designs levels & does pixel art.
Don Nguyen designs levels & helps with business stuff.
Angelo Yazar coded lots of stuff for Groove City
Tim McLennan programmed stuff for ESJ & ESJ: HSM
Will Carducci programmed stuff for ESJ
Taylor Bai-Woo is a programmer, artist & level design on ESJ
Orie Falconer made a level for ESJ
Droqen made a level for ESJ. That weird tilting one. :)

Q: What is Groove City?
A: A magical place.

Q: What games are you currently making?
A: ****SECRET**** (I'll update this in Jan 2015)

Q: I have a problem or bug!
A: Email me at Michael at Michael Todd Games dot com :)

Electronic Super Joy by Michael Todd
Electronic Super Joy by Michael Todd
Cassie Chui
Electronic Super Joy by Michael Todd
Ryan Roth
Electronic Super Joy by Michael Todd

Electronic Super Joy by Michael Todd

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